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February 11, 2009


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WD Kebschull

Prof. Seto

It seems to me that the combination of the collapse in the financial markets for the reasons that you described and the tremendous losses in the manufacturing base in the U is going to make the recovery longer and more painful than anyone wants to consider.



The very next day interest rates started to go down... what Ivory tower do you live in?
Policymakers found that they no longer had to ask whether consumers could afford any goods and services produced; consumers simply borrowed the amounts needed... at the end of the day higher credit rates will force consumers to do it for themselves.
LA and Houston have bad air because of their spread-out nature?? How about Jacksonville, its larger than both? Please ignore the fact that they are the second and fourth largest cities in this country AND they both have a large concentration of refineries.
First and last time I visit this site.

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People should be allowed to put their money where it will do the most good, not where it will get taxed the least...great lens will credit this...

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True financial crisis has resulted in the collapse of large financial institutions, the bailout of banks by national governments, and downturns in stock markets around the world. But after the painful early years of transition, economic growth took off, trade flourished, and stable institutions took root.

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finacial crisis are man made...we can avoid it, if only those greedy capitalist and investor show concern to small individual like us.

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The congress has to take action. The Market itself has no chance.

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