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June 17, 2008


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Brooks Gracie III

Great blog! I am a tax attorney who reads approximately 20 blogs per day on economics. Rarely do the economists know much about the tax code. I would also like to see your opinion on this country's disparate tax policies between capital gains and ordinary income. My opinion is that this is shredding the middle class, and we will eventually be in a 1929 crises because no one will be able to afford anything other than the wealthy, who cannot sustain an economy on their own.


Great first post. What happened to construction wages during the first round of bonus depreciation?

As a practitioner, the primary result of bonus depreciation appeared to be greater demand for cost segregation studies to classify nonstructural building components and land improvements as equipment. It's been awhile since I looked at the IRS data, but I don't think there is a way to differentiate between equipment and reclassified building components.

Mike Sylvester

I also find this post quite interesting. I am a practicing CPA and run my own blog at

This post takes a very interesting look at bonus depreciation and shows an author who thinks "outside of the box."

I think too many practitioners "mindlessly" take as much depreciation as legally allowed.

Mike Sylvester


Seems almost too obvious to be true, Ted. Um, who makes those new machines?

Jim Maule


Welcome to the world of blogging, and to its tax blogging corner. I've added you on my MauledAgain blogroll.

Some months ago, I noted this question concerning bonus depreciation: where do the businesses straining under tough economic conditions get the money to make the purchases? Why, they borrow! The enterprises most in need of help don't have much use for more deductions.



How does this factor in with a decreasing labor pool? Japan, the US, Europe, and even Mexico, are either facing tremendous labor shortages, or will be soon. Wouldn't an emphasis on increasing automation, such as Japan is currently focused on, help ease the shortage, w. an increased demand causing an increase in wages?


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The old saying is great ideas are done by great men. We have no great men in Congress, fix them and you will fix the problems.

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